On February 5, a delegation from India visited the Ryazan Tannery as part of the familiarization program.

The delegation arrived as part of the Deputy Head of Mission of the Embassy of the Republic of India in the Russian Federation – Pradhan Binai Srikant, accompanied by the First Secretary and head of the Economic and Commercial Department Vohra Asim, and also accompanied by the delegation of the employee of the Economic and Commercial Department of the Embassy Burman Evgeny Sergeevich. On the part of the government were present: Deputy. Before. Government of the Ryazan Region-Ilya Borisovich Veselov, Minister of Industry and Economic Development of the Ryazan Region-Andrey V. Varfolomeev.

The guests were given a tour of the plant and clearly showed the main production processes and production facilities. In addition, during the meeting, the parties discussed the expansion of sales markets and the development of cooperation between Russia and India.